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Editorial Guidelines

At How To Start My LLC, our brand depends on the quality of our content. We know that if our articles fail to maintain the highest editorial standards of accuracy and integrity we risk losing the trust of our loyal readers. 

All of our writers are trained to create accurate, original, and engaging content that is impartial and free of bias. Our entire editorial team understands that they are responsible for building and ensuring our reputation. 


Our writers and editors rely on respected and relevant sources to create accurate content that provides useful detail and context to our readers. All of our articles are thoroughly reviewed and fact-checked by our editorial team, which rigorously evaluates accuracy, relevance, and impartiality.  

Starting a business is a process that requires the following of certain legal procedures. We aim to provide readers with accurate information on the latest business laws and tax requirements. 

All of our articles are for U.S. businesses only, so we only use information released from the U.S. government and state governments. An example of a source that we start with is https://www.usa.gov/business, which provides links to various government agencies. Sometimes information is difficult to find on state and federal government websites, but we take the time to locate it to make sure all the information we provide is accurate.

We always provide links to our readers to direct them to the appropriate documents or online processes so that they do not have to conduct these searches on their own, freeing them up to run and grow their businesses. 

Many legal requirements for businesses are at the state level, so we link directly to the websites of the appropriate offices such as the secretary of state. We provide the state-specific information and links that our readers need to stay in compliance with the law. 

When we write about specific business types, such as a food truck business, for example, we describe the necessary steps and information for that specific business. All of our content is fully customized to provide the most relevant information on that particular business. 

When we provide information and resources, we take into consideration current trends in the economy and the industry based on what is happening at any given time. For example, if the industry has been affected by the pandemic, our guidance reflects that reality. We also include links to our resources, such as insightful market research reports.

Accurate information and fact-based recommendations are of the umost importance to How To Start My LLCs. Our brand, and our readers’ success, depend on it.

Corrections Policy

How To Start My LLC is committed to correcting any factual errors found in our content, investigating how they were made, and improving our editorial process to avoid further mistakes. 

Please feel free to report possible inaccuracies to [email protected]

Reviews and Recommendations

Our service reviews are independent and based on our own research. We never receive any compensation or extra consideration for the content of our reviews. In the event of cases that may risk a conflict of interest — such as reviewing an affiliate partner — we are fully transparent and acknowledge our relationship with the subject of the review. 

How We Test and Review the Services

When we do service reviews, we review the website and services thoroughly, from the details to the pricing and all other service offerings. Whenever we’re able, we use the site as a customer, purchasing services so that we can see how the service works and whether they deliver on their promises in terms of products and turnaround times. 

We test all of their customer service options including chat, email, and phone support. We provide screenshots of responses from the service in our review when possible.

In addition, we look at what actual customers are saying about their experience with the service. We scour the reviews and ratings with the Better Business Bureau and Trust Pilot. We also look for social media posts and hashtags about the service.

Finally, we compare the service to competitors to see how they stack up in terms of products, pricing, and customer reviews. This helps us to develop the pros and cons of the service.

We use different approaches when reviewing different types of services. Our goal is to look at the service from a customer’s perspective so that we can provide the most complete, honest, and helpful review we possibly can. 

We are a team of entrepreneurs and business experts who have vetted, researched and even used the services we recommend. Our experienced team examines each service and determines which offer the best products and prices for our readers. Our goal is to provide invaluable guidance and support to those who are starting businesses. 

The integrity of the information and recommendations we provide is of paramount importance to us. Our main objective is helping aspiring entrepreneurs achieve success.


How To Start My LLC publishes only original and unbiased content. All data and statistical information must be verified, attributed, and free of libel or copyright infringement. We expect our writers, editors, and contributors to maintain the highest standards and abide by all relevant laws, standards, and journalistic practices.