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About Us

About Us

Who We Are

We are a diverse team of seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals, bound by the shared objective of empowering aspiring business owners with accurate and actionable knowledge. Our collective experience spans multiple disciplines and industries, providing us with unique insights that we passionately channel into creating high-quality content and tools. Our commitment is to ensure that new entrepreneurs have the essential knowledge and resources they need to launch their businesses confidently and successfully.

Our Mission

Our mission extends beyond merely providing information; we aspire to lay a robust knowledge foundation for entrepreneurs, enabling them to navigate the business landscape with confidence. By demystifying complex business concepts and procedures, we strive to facilitate successful entrepreneurship and foster a culture of informed decision-making.

Our Vision

Our long-term vision is to be recognized as the premier resource for entrepreneurs, one that fosters small business creation across the United States. We envisage a future where every aspiring business owner, irrespective of their background or experience, can readily access accurate, comprehensive, and user-friendly resources to guide their business journey.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to equip new and prospective business owners with high-quality information that enables them to make informed decisions about their business. Our content, which we regard as our primary product, undergoes rigorous research and meticulous fact-checking to ensure its accuracy and relevance. We believe that quality content is paramount to achieving our mission, vision, and goals.

What We Offer

Our suite of offerings is designed to cater to diverse learning needs and includes:

LLC Formation Guides for all 50 US States

Our guides are comprehensive, user-friendly, and designed to simplify the process of starting an LLC in every state. Additionally, we provide guides for other LLC-related tasks, such as filing articles of organization, choosing a registered agent, drafting an operating agreement, registering a DBA (Doing Business As) and filing an LLC annual report. Our guides are crafted to give you a clear roadmap for setting up and managing your LLC.

LLC Guides and Tips

We understand that the intricacies of LLCs can be daunting. To make things easier, we offer in-depth articles explaining various aspects of LLCs, such as electing a tax status and understanding the legal aspects of LLCs. This includes complex topics like how a trust can own an LLC, and the steps to buy a house under an LLC. Our aim is to help you navigate the complexities of LLCs with ease.

LLC Service Reviews

Our reviews provide a comprehensive analysis of various LLC formation services. These reviews are designed to provide you with an accurate and clear understanding of each service, including its strengths, weaknesses, and how it compares with other services in the market. We take our reviews seriously, striving to provide our readers with unbiased and valuable insights to help them make informed choices.

Editorial Team


Our goal is to guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of starting an LLC and to inform them about the various complexities of LLCs. Our content includes considerable insight and details, such as state-specific requirements and links, along with many additional resources. 

We are a team of entrepreneurs and business owners, which means that many of us have been through the processes described in our content, including starting and running LLCs. Our combined, hands-on business experience is vast, running from online businesses to education, research, media and consulting firms. 

This combined experience and education enables us to provide the most relevant, accurate, and insightful information to help you start your business and achieve success. 

NOTE: We cannot provide legal advice. For legal questions, you should speak to an attorney or contact your state or local officials. We can direct you to the correct office if needed. 

Advertising Disclaimer

We do not take our responsibility lightly. As detailed in our editorial guidelines, whenever we make service recommendations, we have done our due diligence, examined all the relevant offerings and determined that this service is among the best on the market. 

We make our editorial decisions and recommendations choices internally, with no input by any third parties. Our recommendations include service providers in areas such as banking, web hosting, credit cards, and business formation. 

When a visitor on our site chooses to do business with one of our recommended service providers, we get a referral fee. We receive no compensation for recommending these services — only when our readers hire that service.  

We are of course unable to review every single service and product offered by these service providers. We review the ones that are most relevant to our readers. As a result, we cannot and do not vouch for all of these service providers’ offerings. 

We will never mislead our readers, such as recommending one service while promoting another in order to receive compensation. Our reviews are honest and unbiased, and our recommendations are based on significant research and strong positive experiences. 

About Us